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After working in tourism and communication industry for 23 years in Morocco. The organization of Events, Incentives and Product Launches constitutes our main activity. The quality of equipment, the richness of our environment and our experience in terms of group business trips guarantee the success of your professional event. Your events and conferences now have a location of choice. In Morocco, modern equipment and prestigious historical surroundings make Morocco a dream destination to explain a strategy and reunite staff around a corporate project.
Saliha Benmoussa
President & CEO

Seminars and Business Meetings

Conscious of the importance of these events for your business, we organize your events in co-operation with the best service providers with a reputation for quality of service and professionalism. We enable you to get the most out of your event: you will have one point of contact overseeing your event from start to finish, delivering you an event that is ready to go!

Incentives and Team Building

Incentives and team building are a great way to motivate your colleagues, reinforce team spirit and company morale, communicate shared values or simply reward employees... These activities encourage shared values; improve team co-operation and productivity all in an unfamiliar environment, far from the place of work.


Create an event, raise spirits, surprise and create dreams! … We will accompany you from the beginning to the end of your project and can offer full or partial support to help you achieve your objectives. We will commit to creating, with you, an exceptional event which will stay in the memories of your guests.

The Land of Riads and Luxury Hotels

A variety of international hotel chains have set up top-class luxury hotels in Morocco’s cities. Many travelers find that the best accommodations in Morocco are Riads, which are traditional Morocco homes that have been converted into small hotels and private guest houses. Riads are usually located inside the older districts throughout Morocco which are steeped in culture.Don’t miss out on a wonderful stay in Morocco’s hotels

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